Now days Design and multimedia institutes are out of track and teaching tools only. True design education is inaccessible for some and too expensive for most. multimedia institutes fail to adapt to the designers changing role in creative industry. And perhaps worst of all, they fail to educate designers on visual thinking like how to layout a design or which typeface to use. Multimedia institute are producing designer without design sense in bulk or we should say DTP operators instead of designer. There has to be a better way..

It’s time for change.

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Our sole purpose, our one mission, is to help you achieve success.

We know what it takes to be a designer, we have walked in your shoes. We graduated from multimedia institute and fought blood and sweat for job and freelance work. Helped many to establish visual communication for companies and startups, Succeeded and failed. all in all we know the design education of multimedia institutes fails to prepare you for all these experiences.

Our only purpose is to help you succeed in creative industry


Get knowledge from creative professionals, successful designers, award-winning and talented creative directors, art directors who are currently working in the industry. Our motto is If you can't do then teaching, it is foolish. So we gather working professionals who will instruct you how to think and what to design.