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Design is more than an artistic pursuit or a subject that needs intrinsic learning. Design is all around us. The formation of a tree is Design, so is a flower, or for that matter the flow of a river.  Design is entrenched in ever aspect of our lives.

We do not see design as a specialized subject, meant only for the artistically inclined. Instead, we try and bring out the artistic qualities of our students by helping them discover their inner ability to think and express themselves.

At Global Design Academy we believe that each one of us is creative in our own way, the difference is that some of us have realized what our expression point is, while some of us are still in quest of it. Hence, our task is to help our students find their expression point/s. And, to do so, we will introduce them to the various tools through which they can express themselves meaningfully and gainfully.

These tools could be Graphic Design, Animations, 3D Designing, Sculpting or any other medium that can help a student find his or her expression point.

The curricula that we follow concentrates on approaching Design not as a tool, but as a means to express ourselves. We try and inculcate the ‘Design Sense’ into our students before we expose them to the tools that are required to create design.