Certificate in Graphic Design

Duration: 6 Months

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Course Detail

This course is meant to give you a hands on introduction to both graphic design principles and tools. This course is broken down into four main modules. We’ll start off with design theory, where we discuss the basics of graphic design, including layout, typography, and color. Then we’ll move on to using Illustrator, where you and I will build a custom logo and other collateral from scratch using some really awesome vector drawing techniques.

Next, we’ll move on to using Photoshop, where I’ll show you how to manipulate, repair and retouch images for your design projects. Finally, we’ll jump over into InDesign and Corel Draw, where we will show you how to put it all together and build out your final design and prepare it for commercial print. By the time you’re finished with this course, you should have a good grasp of the basic concepts, tools, and skills that it takes to be a graphic designer.

And hopefully, this course only further ignites your passion for design. I’m really excited to get started showing you all of what graphic design has to offer, and I hope you’re excited too. So if you’re ready, let’s begin…

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Course Highlights

  • Whats and hows of designing
  • Understanding Fonts and typeface and rules of typography
  • Understanding rules of color and using right color for your design
  • Learn & apply the principles of graphic design
  • Hands-on training using latest design tools.
  • Making portfolio good portfolio for future reference.

Career Option

  • Graphic Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • Layout Designer